F*** Bigotry.

This has been one of those weeks where people in general, really annoy me. Granted in most weeks I rather be around my cats than most humans, but between all the stuff going on in politics and the utter stupidity of online trolls…it’s just been a lot this week.

Now most of the time, online trolls are just ridiculous and amusing. I’ve been collecting some haters for a YouTuber I know for a future “love letters” video ala Richard Dawkins. But in the process I came across a comment from a teen who said she was gay but her mother wanted no part in hearing about it. When she tried she got, “Oh, so you don’t wanna have any kids?”. She feels the need to lie about her sexuality and wants to come out.

THIS shit breaks my heart. No one should have to lie about who they are because they have parents that are completely closed-minded. This is the sort of shit you get from the religious. You’re a parent and you’re making your kid miserable. Does that make you happy in some sort of twisted way? You really think that you can make a child be straight that way? Or do you think if you ignore it, it will just go away? I hear this from kids who are gay, transgender…even atheist. Whatever a parent considers “not normal”.

Granted…I don’t have kids of my own. But my volunteer work over years has brought me into contact with a lot of young people. And you know what your fucking JOB is as a parent? It’s not to force your views on your kids and to try and make them fulfill some failed ambition that you were too inadequate to do yourself. It’s not to make them into some sort of carbon copy of yourself. Your job is to make sure they are happy and healthy. You are supposed to make sure they are educated and independent. Make sure they can think for themselves and contribute to society. You are supposed to do whatever you can to make sure they can succeed in life – in whatever way THEY want to.

Since when did being gay automatically mean you don’t want kids? And it’s 2017…there are lots of ways for gay couples to have kids. And if you live in a country where that’s not a thing…we all need to fix that. It is well past time that we stopped catering to religious bigots that want to keep anyone they see as “the other” from being full members of society. Time to get rid of blasphemy laws, time to make everyone a full 100% part of society — regardless of religion (or lack of), sexuality, gender…whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. We are all humans and equality should not have fine print.

Don’t let anyone keep you in a closet. Do you and be proud of who you are. Be strong and know that you are never alone.


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