I have to admit that most of the time I am incredibly proud to be Canadian. It’s a fairly quiet country, we just go about our business and try not to bother anyone. We love our healthcare system (most of the time), our national broadcaster (when Tories aren’t trying to defund it), there’s little unrest compared to the rest of the world and we don’t tend to get a lot of extreme weather (outside of our normal extreme weather). Overall, we’re a fairly left-leaning country that tries to take care of it’s citizenry.


We have way too many people here that believe way too much woo for me not to be constantly embarrassed by my fellow Canadians. Every day I am confronted by someone who believes whatever piece of scientific bunk is being reported on by someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Or a story about another child dying because their hippie parents decided that homeopathy was better than seeing a doctor.Seriously people, oil of oregano is not going to replace antibiotics when your child is sick. And how can there still be those who can look at what is going on in the world and still deny human-caused climate change?

When did people stop being able to be critical thinkers? It’s not just here…look at what is happening south of my country in America. When did people cease to have the ability to truly assess information with skepticism? There was a time when “news” that you’d see in the National Enquirer was laughed at but now it seems that most people take every conspiracy theory or every bit of “alternative medicine” as fact without requiring any actual evidence. This absence of reason makes me sad for the future. I truly think we are failing future generations. I can only hope that they will have the skills to fix the problems the current generations will cause.

I just fail to understand why everyone suddenly so afraid of medicine…or science in general.  It seems to me as though we’ve lost some level of trust not only in those who are experts in their fields, but also in each other. In this day where communication is easier than it’s ever been…we all seem to be talking, while have lost the ability to listen to each other.


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