So…this happened today..

I had intentions of doing a real blog after work tonight but work was *so* long and the holiday shoppers are out now. What a tiring day to top off a tiring week of covering the entire department myself at work since the full timer was out sick. So I came home, had dinner, watched some Once Upon a Time and then made a cup of tea and came upstairs.

Remember last blog where I talked about Alex aka Cosmic Skeptic and his buddies Gabriel and Mattie from Swish? Well, Alex did a “day in the life” video a few days ago and turns out he works for a tea and coffee merchant – Cardew’s of Oxford. I have heard the name from time to time but never thought much of it. However, after the video I thought I’d look at their website and I found out that they ship worldwide. Naturally, being the rather large tea addict that I am (have you ever seen my tea cupboard?!?)…I had to place an order. Ok, it might have been a relatively large order based on a certain person’s recommendations for the most part. Go big or go home. One might as well make the most out of international shipping charges after all. It could be a really long winter. That’s my excuse and I stand by it.

At any rate, Alex wanted me to have them let him know when I ordered. I figured he’d draw a little smiley face or a little note on it or something. I really should have known better than that.  🙂

Now that I have been ‘outed’ as the head of the cheering section, don’t forget to subscribe to the antics of Alex and his friends over at Swish. Highly entertaining regardless of whether or not they are mailing you things, lol. I am rather looking forward to getting my arts & crafts project in the post. I might have to frame the bag…

And don’t forget

Cosmic Skeptic –

Casualex –

Swish –

And Alex could use your support for his Patreon as well.




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