New World Order

When America first started down this election path, I had real hope that it would build on the immense progress that seemed to be symbolized by two terms of President Obama. The economy was doing better, they finally had a framework for healthcare – there was even a strengthening of religious freedom to some degree. Even nonbelievers got acknowledgement from the administration, a good first step.

The world I woke up in today seems darker. Looking on from Canada, I see our neighbours embracing a leader who touted xenophobia, hatred and fear of “the other”, sexism, misogyny, violence, trickle-down economics, theocratic lawmaking,  locking up of political opponents, being able to sue the press for printing things he disagreed with, the use of nuclear weapons. He seems to be against science in general, for warfare, against peace, against healthcare for all, against education, wants to go back to coal production, against green energy and doesn’t think climate change is a real thing. And let’s not forget the wall that apparently Mexico is going to pay for.

America is not an island, what happens there affects all of us. Are they truly going to get the leader that they voted for? Is democracy finished in the U.S.? What is this world going to look like in four years? Looking out from a country with a Liberal government right now on a world swinging wildly to the right, the world is feeling like a lonely place.


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